101. Teriyaki Zing! “secret sauce”




Just Zing it!
If you are looking for that “Thang” to add some Zing into your life – this is it!
9 ounces of saucious delicious just waiting to top your favorite meat. At the restaurant,
we serve it with all of our Teriyaki dishes. For the first time – this is exclusively
available at our restaurant. We sell individually or in 4 packs saving you $2.00. We
created and produce this sauce at our restaurant with loving care.

Morning – Take 1 Tablespoon and consume – result ZING! Wake you right up, no prescription needed!
Lunch – Salad Topping, Rice topping, Meat Topping
Dinner – Salad Topping, Rice topping, Meat Topping
Other uses – use this for cooking, sauteing veggies and meat

Put a little Zing! into your life!

Available now at:
Teriyaki secret
1733 H St, Ste 420
Blaine, WA 98230


1. All of our sauces have some soy sauce which has some gluten.
2. All of our sauces may be habit forming – check with you physician before consuming more than 9 ounces per day

Not Included:
No Fish base, No MSG

1733 H St. Ste 420, Blaine, WA 98230