About our 11 “Secret Sauces”

Over the years, as an Asian Chef, I have designed 11 unique flavored sauces from natural ingredients. We hand make the following sauces:

1. Tangerine Teriyaki Zing! Sauce
2. Katsu Sauce
3. Mongolia Sauce
4. Pad Thai High Sauce
5. Peanut Sauce
6. Tangerine Salad Dressing Sauce
7. Stir Fried Veggies Sauce
8. Tangerine Dipping Sauce for Appetizer
9. House or Chef Sauce for Crepes
10. Sweet and Sour Sauce
11. Pho Sauce
Bonus. Egg Flower Soup Sauce

If you want extra sauce, just ask, also, there is no extra charge. But be warned, these sauces are addictive according to our customers!

Article by dadon173

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