NEW Name for Many Good Reasons…

Sweet Tangerine Teriyaki
Teriyaki secret
New Website: Teriyaki secret

While we all loved the name “Sweet Tangerine Teriyaki” it was just too long
for Advertising and Signs. In fact, it was 24 characters (with spaces) and
too long for most everything. We even ran out of room when putting email
addresses on our business cards! So, we did talk to our customers, friends
and relatives for input. After this and much marketing research we decided
that the name should be one or two words like most businesses today. At first,
we considered removing the word “Sweet” from the name so it would be “Tangerine Teriyaki”
However that is still 18 characters and 7 syllables and we wanted 15 or less
characters and 6 syllables. Then we came up with the idea of “Teriyaki secret”
which is 15 characters and 6 syllables.

Why Teriyaki secret?
We reasoned that the word Teriyaki denotes Asian food and the word secret
is used in reference to our 11 secret sauces. So in two words, we are pointing
too and implying a unique Asian food experience. Thank you for your continued
patronage and support! In the coming weeks we will be updating our logo and
all of our other print media.

…and while the name has changed, the food is still the same unique flavor!

Article by dadon173

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